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Hand Winch

  A type hand winch
  B type hand winch
  C type hand winch

Hand Puller

  1 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton double gear hand puller
  4 ton single gear hand puller
  4 ton double gear hand puller

Ratchet Puller

  ratchet wire rope cable puller

Wire Rope Winch

  wire rope winch

Pallet Puller

  1 ton pallet puller

Chain / Lever Block

  chain block
  lever block

Jack Stand

  pin style jack stand
  trailer stabilizing stand
  3/4 ton high postion stand
  2 ton high postion stand

Farm Jack

  farm jack

Engine Cradle

  engine cradle

2 ton High Position Stand
(Under Hoist Stand)

To assist in stabilizing and supporting a vehicle that is raised by an in-ground or above-ground lift.

high position hoist stands

- An adjustment pin chained to the stand secures the support column at 6 different height positions.
- Quick adjust spin handle with thrust bearing eliminates wear and provides ease of turning under load.
- 1-1/4" diameter acme threaded screw has 6-1/2" of travel for fine adjustment.
-  5/8" thick rubber saddle pad.

Model HPS2000
Capacity 2000 kgs
Min. Height 1440mm
Max. Height 2180mm
Net Weight 21kgs
Gross Weight 22kgs

high position hoist stand (under hoist stand)

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